While this is useful to a degree, it's far more beneficial to spend your fretboard memorization time on what I call "spatial co-ordination" - the visualization of how one note relates to another in several positions on the guitar neck.

By using the exercises presented in this lesson, you'll tap into and drastically improve the part of your mind responsible for these fretboard co-ordination skills, in turn improving your ability to move smoothly between notes/positions across the neck... without getting lost in the process!

You'll find that these co-ordination skills carry over into learning scales, arpeggios and chords, as you'll be more "pattern focused" and spatially aware, meaning you'll be able to think beyond your current position and play more confidently and intuitively as a result.

In short, this lesson, while it may not teach you any pretty licks, will set the groundwork for knowing the fretboard like the back of your hand so you can truly be your creative self.
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