AC DC GUITAR. Making a guitar is not that hard providing you don't rush it. This video runs about 29 mins covering the build of my AC/DC Tribute Guitar. After driving 1300 miles to Sydney and back to pickup the Mahogany timber for the body, I actually started to build the Guitar from August 2017. There was so much prep work before hand with templates plus making a bandsaw and a router table. I built a dummy guitar out of MDF as a practice run. So I actually started in January 2017. There was 1 month that I couldnt do a thing as I was waiting on a 10mm red binding, I already had a 6mm binding but it wasn't high enough to meet the step up near the neck pocket. As you can see it was mostly done in the back yard. I did go to a wood machine shop and they run the timber through a thickener and a belt sander. The body is Australian Mahogany and the top is Queensland Maple.
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