Video directed by Ash Pears

Chainsaw Murderer - Gus Turner
Woods Sprinter - Sian Lewis
Smug Party Guy - Davey Clegg
Phonebox Dier - BJ Benny Badboy
Mystery Man In The Woods - A. Mystery
Axe To The Face Guy - Asha. P

Costume/Mask - Lydia P
The 1980s saw these Swedish teenagers consuming all the horror and slasher movies they could, glued to their VHS’, their obsession with the genre only intensified as the media campaigned and lobbied against an outbreak of “video-violence”, preaching warnings of how it would ruin a generation of kids.

Fast forward 30 years and those media warnings have come to fruition as those teenagers grew up and became Bloodbath, Sweden’s shadiest death cult and they now present to you “Chainsaw Lullaby”, the gore-filled, blood splattered ode to their weapon of choice spliced together with an AC/DC inspired death ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

Welcome to the terrifying Bloodbath world where the saw IS the law!
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