I remember playing electric guitar as a teen and being totally unable to afford any of the massive amps I could see my rock idols using. Growing up in the era of grunge, distorted amp sounds *were* music, so I would have to chug away with my power chords and just imagine that I was nailing Return of the Rat.

I wish I'd' had access to the Marshall MS2 mini amp. For just over £30 you can rock out - provided the only arena you're playing is your bedroom. Battery powered and with a belt clip, the MS2 is a perfect practice amp with both clean and over driven sounds coming from the 1W speaker. There's a standard guitar input and a headphone output if your parents wander by.

All practicality aside, it just looks cool - a really nice mini replica of a classic amp that's fun to fiddle with and gives a decent approximation of that "classic" Marshall sound.

It's a shame it's not a tiny bit more powerful - the size and portability makes it an ideal amp for electric busking, but the the sound will distort (in an undesirable way) if the volume is cranked up too high. But if you want to hone your chops at home, this MS2 is pretty much idea.
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