[RU] Обзор и распаковка умных часов для музыкантов Soundbrenner Core

Review and unboxing the vibrating metronome smartwatch for musicians - Soundbrenner Core. It is a second version of the metronome my Soundbrenner (first one is a Pulse). This video is on Russian, tell me if you are interested to watch the English version.

⌚ The 4-in-1 watch for musicians Soundbrenner Core: https://snbr.link/core-kaminari And here's the promo code that offers off the Core/Core Steel: "kaminaricore" (valid until Dec 31st, 2020)
⌚ Smart Vibrating Metronome Soundbrenner Pulse: https://snbr.link/kaminari
And here's the promo code that offers worldwide free shipping: "kaminari" or 20% discount code: "kaminari20"

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