Vocal Range Battle: Matt Bellamy, Jared Leto, Brendon Urie and Patrick Stump

Redoing the description to hopefully answer most of the questions and comments that are being posted.

1. I'm not gonna include cracks and squeaks, which is why for example Jared's 6th octave notes and Brendon's C7 aren't included. They are extremely short notes that are neither sung nor intended to be musical. They are where they belong, in the trash. Oh and regarding notes from other range videos, Matt's "D6" is a D5 with overtones, and I have yet to hear a supposed C6 by Patrick that actually exist.

2. For Brendon, I chose to focus on his "full" range for as long as possible, since that's what people commonly judge singers by. However, if you are basing your opinion on soft highs, often falsetto ones like Patrick uses, check out the F#5 in Oh Glory, E5 in Stall Me and the Bb5 included in this video.

3. If you come here to post something along the lines of "Brendon/Matt/Jared/Patrick can go higher/lower than that", be prepared to actually prove it. So far the only note that has been mentioned that should be included is Brendon's D6. That's right, even higher than in this video.

4. This is NOT intended as a video of the best singers or the best ranges in the world. You are welcome to suggest singers for people to listen to, but please do so without sounding like a dick.
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