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Green Day - F o d, аккорды

Sender: KLeonard 
 To: [email protected]
 Date: Mon, 01 Aug 94 13:25:09 EDT
 Subject: TAB for F.О.D. by Green Day
 F.О.D. by Green Day
 (I'm sure this is tuned down 1/2 step, but for this song there's no need to
 Tune down, so i'll write this in standard)
  = slide down
 The verse is real easy.  Just G#5  F#5
 Something's on my mind, it's been for quite some time
         F#5                G#5
 This time I'm on to you
 The chorus is:
 D#5  F#5  C#5  G#5
 D#5  F#5  C#5
 I'll tab out the bridge part cuz it's kinda hard to explain:
 D#5D5     A#5           D#5D5      G#5
 I'll take a stab at those lyrics that weren't included with the cd:
 You're just a f*ck
 I can't explain it cuz I think you suck
 I'll drain you're brain
 Until ???????????
 I've taken pressure in the ??? (guts???) and it's for you
 So listen up ???????????