Lund - Weep, аккорды


When tomorrow starts without me
And I'm not there to see
I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today
While thinking of the many things
We didn't get to say
Two slit wrists with a scythe
Too fucked up, had to leave this life
Two slit wrists with a scythe
Too fucked up, had to leave this life
It's no joke, too low
I can't cope, smoke dope for the pain
One glock, one shot, point it straight at my brain
Do not resuscitate, told you don't hesitate
I put a end to the voice in my head
Nobody ever listen what I said
What I said (Nobody ever listen what I said)
I don't really fuck with the rest
Young kid flex put the blade to ya neck
One more step, bitch, you lose your head
No one remember the shit that you did
Bury bodies, stack 'em 4-wide
Why they bitch busy, hit my phone line
I been getting money off my own time
You should stop biting
And stick with your own rhymes
Shorty you looking so thick
Baby come grind on this dick
Let me take you back to my hotel
Lay you down, fuck you good
Till that pussy swell
I made myself what I am
I turned myself into the man
I made this dough in my hand
But still you don't understand
Don't understand
It takes dedication and some discipline
Talent, drugs and experience
But to be honest, living life, I'm sick of it
Even if the money's still coming in
Even though people still bump my shit
Fuck the world
Death sounding luxurious
Look in my eyes
If you don't think I'm serious
That's why
Two slit wrists with a scythe
Too fucked up, had to leave this life