Ravenscode - My Escape, аккорды

Would you help me to find a new way?
Would you guide me through all of this again? Don't let me slip away... I need you here to the very end... So stay here with me... There's so much love in your smile when i look at your face. And i
here to stay... Yu're my first and last my love and you're my escape. Chorus: So tell me you'll be right here with me. Hearing you voice is like hearing the angel sing... Through the good and bad and all in between... You're the one i want the one i need and i know You tell me to live each day... To live each day like it's my last... I won't make you turn away So come with me and never look back. After all we've been through... You are still by my side and i'm greateful you're there And I...I love you... You're my best friend and i want you to know - I care Chorus So this is how we planning Knowing that we won't be alone... And this is how we supose to be When i knew it all along. Chorus And i know And i know Would you help me to find a new way...