The Cadillac Three - The South, аккорды

Intro: D C G D  
 D         C                     G   D
  Boots and buckles, red clay and sand 
 D                     C                 G   D
  My point aint subtle here, Im a Southern man 
 D                                    C               
  Where the beer seems cooler and the women seem hotter 
         G                          D
  Where the world dont seem so damn modern  
 D                        C                G  D
  And a good ole boy like me still has a chance  
 D              C         G                  D
 This is where I was Born this is where Ill die  
 D                  C               G               D
  Yeah, this is where I was born and this is where Ill die 
D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D
Its all about the South  
 G                      A                  G
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Carolina,  
Dont you wanna get down and dirty 
Cause, Florida Im thirsty, 
  A                          G                      D
Hit me with your Tennessee whiskey and crank it up loud 
                G                  A           
Laid back, you crazy old timer, sweet magnolia,
   G          D 
dive bars and diners, oh yeah 
        G                           A              G
Oh, and even if youre up North, cmon down, cmon down 
Oh, its all about the South. 
Outro: D C G D