The Rankin Family - Orangedale Whistle, аккорды

Verse 1:
G  G 
The stationmaster looked all around 
C  C  G  G 
Along the track both up and down 
G  G 
But the train could not be found 
C  C  G  G 
For there was neither sight or sound 
Am  Am  G  G 
There was neither sight or sound 
Verse 2: 
He walked on slowly to the station door 
like so many times before 
He looked outside into a sunshine beam 
Closed his eyes and dreamed a dream 
Drifted off into a dream 
Am  Am 
The winds of change forever blow 
Em  Em 
Some things stay and some things go 
Am  Am 
The falling rain must melt the snow 
Em  Am  C 
The orangedale whistle  
G  G  G 
will always blow 
Verse 3 & 4: 
Years ago throughout this land 
That line was laid by able men 
But things are changed as time goes by 
People drive and people fly 
People drive and people fly 
The stationmaster is long since gone 
He faded off into the sun 
But the whistle shrill still lingers on 
In the hearts of everyone 
Everyday from dusk till dawn 
Repeat Chorus