Vai Steve - Bad Horsie, аккорды

Author/Artist: Steve Vai
Title: Bad Horsie 
Album: Alien Love Secrets
transcribed by: Twisted_Riffer
e-mail: [email protected]

The foollow are the standard
symbols used in creating tablature:

h = Hammer On 
p = Pull Of
b = Bend String Up
r  = Release Bend
/ = Slide Up
 = Slide Down
v = Vibarto
* = Trill (ex. 8*10)
t = Right Handed Tap (ex. t10)
x = Muted Note or Rake
^ = Pitched Harmonic (ex. 12^)
pm = Palm Mute
< = dive down
> = dive up

tunning: i just play in d tunning (d,a,d,g,b,e) it sound ok when i play it

this is half of the song about up to 1:41 sec.........
like most tabs i have tabbed out the intro dive