Black Sabbath - War Pigs, аккорды

Intro: E  D  E  D (D  E)  
 D   E                                  D   E   
  Generals gathered in their masses, Just like witches 
  at black masses 
 D   E                                 D   E  
  Evil minds that plot destruction, Sorcerer of death's 
 D   E                                 D   E  
  In the fields the bodies burning, As the war machine 
  keeps turning 
 D   E                            D   E   
  Death and hatred to mankind, Poisoning their brainwashed minds  
            D  E    
Oh lord yeah!  
 G  Gb  F  E  G  Gb  F  E  
Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war  
Why should they go out to fight?  
                                  D   E     
They leave that role to the poor, yeah! 
 G  Gb  F  E  G  Gb  F  E  
Time will tell on their power minds, making war just for fun  
Treating people just like pawns in chess,  
                                        D  E    
Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah  
 G  Gb  F  E  G  Gb  F  E  (2x) D  E   
 D   E                                    D   E  
  Now in darkness world stops turning, ashes where 
  the bodies burning  
 D   E                                D   E  
  No more War Pigs have the power, hand of God has 
  struck the hour 
 D   E                                 D   E   
  Day of judgement, God is calling, on their knees 
  the war pigs crawling 
 D   E                               D   E  
  Begging mercies for their sins, Satan, laughing, 
  spreads his wings  
          D  E     
Oh lord yeah!  

 Outro: D  E  G  Gb  F  E  G  Gb  F  E